Ola Air portal is one of the foremost B2B travel portals, constantly evolving and adding value in business by giving it’s distributors and agents the best technology,deals and a user-friendly platform to transact and achieve their own financial freedom


Open Your Own Travel Agency, you can book flight tickets from us and you will get commission or charge own margin without investment and efforts. Our online Travel portal to provide unique agent & distributor module website that enables an entrepreneur to became a full fledged travel agents overnight.​Do drop us a email with your/company profile to


Ola Air has partnered with financial institution to offer convenient payment plans where your customers can buy now and spread their payments over time, with no risk to your agency! Fly Now Pay Later lets travellers spread the cost of their trip over 1–12 months. By offering travellers more financial flexibility, you can increase conversion and basket value.
How It Works
1.Fast and easy. Your customers can apply via the mentioned institution, and finish their holiday booking in-store in only 60 seconds!
2. Pay over time. Your customers choose the plan they love at checkout. Your customers can pay over 3, 6 or 12 months.
3. No surprises. Ola Air tells your customers exactly what they owe, and if they want to pay it out early there are no penalties.


Negotiated contracts : we offer our Travel Agencies an advantage to compete with the online retailers by selling negotiated rates at a lower cost than many of our competitors. Ola Air specializes in both net fares and published fare override contracts. Ola Air also offers ticketing facilities for home based and non IATA agencies. Our website is powered by cutting edge technology to make the booking process efficient and easy for even the novice agent. We look forward to working with your company in the near future.​VFR contracts : We offer our ethnic Travel Agencies VFR fares currently from the Netherlands,Belgium,France,Germany,Italy and Austria. VFR (visit friends & relatives) fares are great special rates which are applicable to those travelling to see loved ones living abroad. Cancellations,Refund, Date changes cheaper than published fares. Enjoy a great baggage allowance: 2 x 23kg​Restrictions : Travel Agencies can only get VFR fares in the country the agencies are officially registered.VFR fares are only allowed to sell


Our fare optimization module allows you to continuously monitor airlines inventory for the given itinerary and once a lower fare is available, it may be reserved automatically, or a detailed notification is sent to a travel agent for further actions. Optimize ticketing time based on airfares volatility, allowing travel agencies to delay the ticketing of a flight to the time the airfare is the lowest. Using our advanced machine learning predictive algorithms, we identify airfares that are likely to drop and delay ticketing to the optimal moment. There’s no installation required! No software requirements! No training required! It works and is certified on all major GDS-systems! It works on a no-cure, no-pay basis! The premise is simple: Price optimization’s software finds a cheaper airfare or hotel room rate after booking. Fare Saver reeboks the reservation at the lower rate. You save money.


Monitor and track everything with a powerful invoice system. It’s just a comprehensive Travel Agency’s back-end solution!
1. Multi GDS Integration including Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan and Farelogix
2. Customer Invoice
Automate your invoicing process to save time, ensure accuracy and schedule invoices to be generated and sent automatically
3. Control
To prevent and detecting fraud transaction, we have bank reconciliation control system. You can easily detect errors such as double payments, missed payments, calculation errors etc. Integrated Accounting Software Integrated Accounting Software to produce trail balance, ledger accounts, journal entries, profit and loss account, balance sheet etc of your entire esteem company.
If you wish to join the project and offer your clients a number of additional services such as online E-visa services,l ow cost air-ticket booking directly from website , additional air-ticket related tasks, communicating with airlines, back office work please get in touch.You will save operational costs, time, increase in revenue etc.​


It is not enough to find an online platform to collect payments, you also need different payment options, safety and security, and easy integration of payments.​We offer payment gateway as well as international bank account to recieve payment from worldwide clients.
​Get paid online and pay suppliers, hassle-free
We’re partnered with the world’s leading payment gateways so that you can get paid online.
Offer a mobile-friendly checkout with Book Now buttons, Enquiry forms.
Take deposits, payments in advance and enforce terms to minimize loss from last-minute cancellations.
Automate the collection of your commission and customize how and when you pay your suppliers
Methods : Card present: if the customer pays with his card on the mobile or fixed terminal.
Web Redirect: Payment via payment invitation: Payment notification
Web POS: Remote payment, the travel agent charges the card himself in the absence of the customer (virtual payment).​